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We don't know exactly when El Danubio was established. However we know this place used to be a German bar in 1935.
In the middle of 1936, two Basque men, Amundarain and Aranguena decided to create a Basque style restaurant in Mexico City. After they established the way of cooking at the kitchen and offering the efficient service with their hard work and dedication, we inherited this unique restaurant.
Currently the family that runs the restaurant is related to one of the founders.
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The Basque Country is located by the Atlantic Ocean. That explains why the specialty in El Danubio is fish and seafood.
As time goes by, the menu of El Danubio has increased until it became what it is today with over 110 International dishes, which are cooked with the highest quality fresh ingredients. They are still cooked on the original coal and firewood stove that has been in use since 1936.